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29 de agosto de 2018


Do you know FashionMe? (Versão em inglês)

Hello everybody!

Here I come with another option of e-fashion for you! FashionMe is a online store from Hong Kong that promises to make you look your best in fashion with accessible prices. Oh well, who doesn't want it, right?

I like this store because they thought about all kinds of woman: active, independent, upbeat, ambitious, fashion lover, working girl and/or mom and wife. So they offer a wide variety of styles, since office clothes to summer dresses. I believe representativeness is always important in life so I admire FashionMe initiative.

Right now we are less than one month away from Fall/Autumn and here in Hamburg (Germany) is starting to be cold again. Some days the average temperature is around 15ºC.  So it's time to take out our warmer clothes again and to update our closets. 

FashionMe is already ready for Autumn with many new items so I had a look in their website and they have many stylish hoodies to who prefers to keep a casual look. There are options that are more fluffy for full comfort, other options with quotes for a funny look and options of neutral style to who doesn't want to be in the center of attentions. As always, I selected some options for you to see it better: 

Hoodie 1 - Hoodie 2 - Hoodie 3 - Hoodie 4
To be true, I always prefer a more comfortable look than a very fashionable one. I found in FashionMe some unique sweatshirts for women that help you to make a good balance between fashion and comfortable, as I try to do haha. 

Sweatshirt 1Sweatshirt 2Sweatshirt 3Sweatshirt 4
Some good tips: 
1. Most of the items have more than one option of color so if you like the model but not the color, don't forget to click on top of the item to check if there are more colors available. 
2. In your first order, you can have 10% discount! Isn't it great? Also, there is free shipping on orders over €59 (or $59).
3. As payment method, the website accepts the main debit cards, credit cards and also PayPal (I love when stores accept PayPal, makes everything so much easier).
4. To begin the new season, they are offering some discount codes. You can have 15% to 20% discount on selected items!

They are having many offers on their website to celebrate the beginning of the new season, so don't forget to check their website!

Enjoy your time choosing between their beautiful clothes! ❤️
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