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3 de janeiro de 2014


Do you know the TB Dress? (versão em inglês)

To start 2014, I'll start with a post about one of the things that I love most: international purchasing. It has become an addiction for me and I have not stopped buying and search sites of online shopping in China, especially the ones that have clothes. But why this addiction? Because everything is much cheaper than here in Brazil. I have bought several pieces, then the posts with the "Compra na China" label should not stop soon.

Today I came to bring you the TB Dress site:

This website is specialized in dresses, but also sells other items like sweaters, lingerie, winter clothes, among other options. Moreover, they also offer children's clothing and accessories, such as handbags and shoes.

I found interesting that they have a category specifically for wedding dresses, they have options for the bride, the maid of honor, the mother of the bride or even the flower girl. I could not resist and I was drooling the wedding dresses haha. The prices vary according to the model. The price range is from $ 70 to $ 600. Of course it's not everyone who can pay more than $ 500 on a dress, but there are dresses for under $ 100 which are beautiful. Compared to the prices here in Brazil, which are around R$ 500, it's worth investing in an international dress.

Here is the link to the page of wedding dresses, one more beautiful than the other ♥:

Another category that is cool is the dresses for special occasions such as prom dresses, dresses to wear on the anniversary of 15/16 years old, formal dresses, etc. In these categories, the price is more friendly, with prices starting at $ 47.
For us who do not have major events at the moment to buy special clothes, there are the categories of women's clothing and accessories. This is where I lose myself in so many options, after all the prices are low, with pieces for less than $ 10, or less than R$ 25. I'll post some of the pieces that I most liked for under $ 10:

$ 9,59
$ 6,29

Choice of size, color and fabric :

So far this is the site that I saw more organization on the part of size and fabric.

As for size: some pieces just have one size , but in the product description there are the measurements and photos in the body of the model to get a sense of how it look like when is dressed. In the pieces that have
variation in size, there is a table with the different measures in each size. Be sure to measure to confirm whether certain size fits you! Be careful because the sizes vary. Brazilians generally are larger than the Asians, then if you wear M here, you may have to order the piece size G. If you want greater assurance, measure one piece that is yours and compare the values ​​in the table to order the right size.

As for fabric and color: the dresses for special events ate the ones that you can choose the color according to the fabric, following the table put down. In the common pieces, the pictures of all the colors available appears in the product description. It is important to remember that the color may vary according to differences in color on each monitor.


Will depend on the weight of the pieces you're ordering and where you live. It has 3 types of shipping, which will vary according to the expected delivery time. The fewer days to deliver, more expensive. I made a sample quote with yellow bag $ 6.29 that I showed above.

General remarks: 
  • Site well organized, with content easy to be found. 
  • Price lower than here in Brazil, a lot. 
  • Charges the shipping, then it might be better to order more than one piece to be at the same level of weight, paying the same amount of shipping. 
  • Beware the size of the pieces, remember to measure your body to choose the right size. 
  • Ask in advance. Depending on where you live, it takes longer to get out of the international postal unit for your residence than from China to Brazil (own experience). 
  • If you have questions about the pieces, please contact them by email:

The TB Dress is also present on various social networks:

As I'm in love with dresses, I should probably buy in this site. Soon I will publish more news. ♥ 
Any questions you can write in the comments and I will answer.

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