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9 de março de 2014


Review "TB Dress" dresses ♥

Remember the TB Dress, the chinese website for sales of clothing and accessories that I said in THIS post? So, the site invited me to know their products and I chose 3 dresses and I was very happy about that haha. The package arrived super fast in my house and I'm here to show you my choices and honest opinion.

(Sorry for the photo quality, I had to take them from my mobile)
The price of this dress is $ 10,79. Click here to view this dress in TB Dress.

This was the first dress that I chose and is my favorite. I am at a stage where I want to wear more feminine day dresses and I almost had no choice, so I opted for this model. Anyway, it is very much like the photo of the ad, just thought the color of the flowers was a little different but that does not matter. The pink fabric is actually quite transparent, but the dress has lining. I dress is very cute but I think it is best to use a belt at the waist to cover the elastic.

So, it is approved!

The price of this dress is $ 9,89. Click here to view this dress in TB Dress.
I also chose this dress with floral print to have more options of dress to go out daily. There were two options, with the top piece white or light pink. That dress looks rather like a blouse and a skirt separate. What helps create that impression is a band that comes to you tie at the waist, hiding the elastic. On the website, the dress looked like it had the part of the blouse bigger and the skirt shorter, but then came the opposite. If you do not put something to hold in the waist, the dress gets loose. In general, the fabric is good and the dress is as pictured on the site.

Also approved!

The price of this dress is $ 10,79. Click here to view this dress in TB Dress.

As a third option, I wanted to choose a dress to go out at night. I became interested in this dress because of the black detailing that he has, making it different as well. Also has several color options to choose: white, black, royal blue, pink and orange. I chose orange because it is a color of dress that I do not have. The dress is good and wears well. The elastic back is a bit rude, but if you put your hair to the back, it will not appear. I really liked it.

There are so many options that I would like to order too, but I had to restrain myself haha. This is one option of a dress that I also really liked:

In summary:
  • Dresses made ​​with quality fabric; 
  • Very similar to the photos on the site; 
  • Price much better than here in Brazil.

I am very pleased with the dresses and I am very excited to use them all! ♥

Click here to go the website:
To see it in portuguese:

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  1. nice store reviews, you are so beautiful!

  2. Today I got my TB Dress order delivered and my evening gown is soo beautiful and it fits perfectly. Thanks to the amazing 20% discount offer on Online Coupon Island through which the cost became much less than the original price.

    TB Dress Discount Coupon Code


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