Blog Tweed: Do you know Shoespie? (Versão em inglês)

17 de outubro de 2017


Do you know Shoespie? (Versão em inglês)

Here I am with another e-shop for you! 

As you all know, I identify myself a lot with online shopping because it's easier to see all the products, you have more time to invest in your shopping and also you can get recommendation from other customers, so that's pretty great.

It came to me the opportunity to know the e-shop Shoespie, one of the leading online suppliers of fashion shoes, from high heels to comfortable flats! Also, they create and sell shoes for especial occasions, as Halloween, and that's what I'm going to talk about today. 

Shoespie has an exclusive collection for Halloween platform heels sales (click here), it's like 99% off! The best part to me is that you can wear them even when it's not for a Halloween event because they're amazing. If you're short, these hells are for you. Also, they are having a big discount for Halloween! You can click here to check all the options to match your costume, but this is my selection:

Red high heels - White boots
Black boot - Blue round toe heel
Black heels - Green heels
So what do you think about my choices? Most of the costumes usually don't have high heels but it adds an elegant touch to your look.

You can pay everything by Paypal so you have all the security possible to keep your informations safe. If you have any question about Shoespie, you can go to their FAQ section, just click here and they will help you. 

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