Blog Tweed: Do you know Popreal? (Versão em inglês)

16 de maio de 2018


Do you know Popreal? (Versão em inglês)

It came to me the opportunity to know a little bit more about the e-shop Popreal (and as you all know, I'm addicted to online shopping haha) so I came here to show you a little bit about this online store.

Popreal has a lot of differences between the other e-shops that I already showed here in the blog. First, it offers fashion boutique for newborn baby, toddler, kids clothing and accessories. So now all the mommies who visits the blog to check news from e-shops can now have the option of buying clothes and accessories for their children and for themselves. Second, this is the first Malaysian e-shop that we have here in the blog, so let's get more international!

Popreal believes that making smart and easy choices are one and the same, so their website is very intuitive and easy to navigate. 

Front-page of the website. It's great that it already introduces you with discounts options.
As I always do, I chose some options for you from the website so you can see better what you can find there. There is a huge amount of cute clothes, like these cute newborn dresses (some of them are on sale right now): 

Dress 1- Dress 2- Dress 3
One thing about this website that is new for me it's that the have brothers and sisters matching outfits. Usually you see matching outfits for mother and daughter or father and son, so I think it's pretty cool that they have matching clothes for bother and sister. Look how cute they are:

Matching clothes 1Matching clothes 2Matching clothes 3
So let's get to the important part: the prices. The prices are very nice, really. You can change the currency for your country in the left top of the page, but just to give you an idea: you can find a lot of beautiful clothes for less than $10! They even have a section with only pieces costing under $9.99. You can pay through PayPal and to me this is one of the best option of online payment. Also, there's free shipping for orders higher than $69 (USA) or higher than $89 (for other countries). 

So what do you think about this store? I liked it very much, they have so many cute clothes and with an awesome price. It's really worth it to check it out:

Any questions about Popreal, just ask me! 

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